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Wireless receivers

Multi-channel, synthesized PLL technology, wireless microphones system, working on the UHF range of 600 to 960 MHz and with superheterodine diversity type reception. They provide an excellent coverage distance, up to 100m in open spaces, from the microphone to the receiver Two receiver models are available: US-902DC has two different channels, allowing for the simultaneous reception of two different microphones in two different frequencies and US-8001DC has one channel. Both models include noise and interferences elimination circuitry, to ensure a clear reception while the microphones are within a normal working range.

Power supply Power supply unit; input 230 V.a.c.; 50 ? 60 Hz / Output 24 V.d.c.
Consumption 500 mA (12 V.d.c.)
Carrier frequency range 600 ? 960 MHz, UHF
Channels 16 frequencies (*)
Reception Superheterodine double diversity
Audio output - 12 dB 600 ?, 1 XLR connector (balanced), 1 Jack connector (unbalanced)
Antenna BNC / Built-in
Reception sensitivity - 107 dBm (12 dB S/R)
Image frequency rebuff > 60 dB
Channels selection Manual, by means of frontal keypad and display
Signal / Noise ratio > 105 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion < 0,6% (1 kHz)
Frequency response (3 dB) 50 18.000 Hz
Operating temperature - 10 to + 50C
Controls On/Off, volume, channels selector
Finishing Metallic, metal grey colour /Metallic, metal black colour
Dimensions (mm) 480 (width) x 45 (height) x 232 (depth) / 221 (width) x 40 (height) x 152 (depth)
Rack mounting units 1 / Not rack mountable
Accessories Rack mounting brackets