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Изпрати запитване за продукта



The PM-CH7 is a seven inputs channels preamplifier module. Its first six channels have adjustable mic/line sensitivity and selectable phantom power supply and the last one allows selection between the three sound sources inputs.

TEL/EMER input 1 V, 600 Ohm, adjustable and balanced
POWER IN input 1 V, 47 kOhm, unbalanced
PREOUT output 1 V, 600 Ohm
TAPE OUT output 350 mV, 4,7 kOhm
MASTER OUT output 1 V, 600 Ohm, balanced (XLR) or unbalanced (RCA)
Total Harmonic Distortion < 0,5 % (1 kHz )
Signal / noise ratio 75 dB (except mic inputs, 60 dB)
Dynamic margin 25 dB (except tel 20 dB
Power supply 24 Vdc (main and from battery) / 1 A
Dimensions (mm) 438 (width) x 222 (height) x 44 (depth) (1 Rack unit)
Weight 2,85 kg
Finishing Metal, black colour